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Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, 1 User

SKU: G-49422
Taksa: €2.00
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Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android is security software that protects Android smartphones and tablets from viruses and privacy intrusions.

This donation provides a subscription for use of the product on one device for one year. The subscription includes protection updates and new product features. The product will cease to function entirely after one year unless the subscription is renewed.

Benefits for Organizations

You can use Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android to protect your organization's mobile devices from electronic threats or theft.

Major Capabilities

  • Malware scans: Mobile Security automatically scans any application that you install.
  • Privacy Advisor: You can see what each app is capable of doing on your device, such as accessing your private data or sending messages. You can uninstall apps that you think might be privacy threats.
  • App locking: You can restrict access to any app by setting a passcode for it.
  • Web security: Bitdefender cloud services alert you about web pages that contain malware, phishing, or fraudulent content.
  • Theft protection: You can remotely locate, lock, wipe, or send a message to a stolen device. The device can take a picture of anyone who tries to tamper with it.
  • Smart watch linking: An Android Wear watch can vibrate when you move too far away from your phone. You can also use the watch to find your phone by setting off a loud alarm.


Bitdefender provides support through a wiki, an FAQ, and a forum and by email, chat, and telephone.

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Obtaining This Product

When TechSoup approves your donation request, we will send a message to your organization email address with instructions for obtaining and activating this product.

System Requirements 

  • For use on tablets and smartphones, Android 3.0 or later
  • For linking with smart watches, Android 4.3 and Android Wear
  • Internet connection